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Foxcub Flylight SSDR with Polini water cooled 250 United Kingdom

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Foxcub 11500

Hangared at Fife, (Glenrothes) Scotland - ridiculously high spec SSDR!

Polini 250 watercooled engine with Evans H2O free coolant from new -

Bing carb with jetting perfect for power and cruise - Hours

Emergency parachute

TRIG radio - TY91 VHF Transceiver w/8.33 (cost 1,290)

TRIG transponder - TT21 Class 2 Mode S Transponder (1,668)

Renschler ALTI / VARIO CoMo AV OLC with GPS - with data-logger (395 - recently serviced by Simon Murphy)

ASI - analogue

MGL - E3 engine monitor (EGT / CHT / coolant temp sensor)

Full faring in orange

PLUS - flying suit and all kit to fold and store wing on trailer

TRAILER - custom made

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