Inventing a Mobile web app for private pilots. United Kingdom

Hi all,

Alex here.

As part of a university project, I've been asked to "invent a mobile app".

I'm already creating a mobile version of afors,
but as that's already under way I have to do something different

Obviously, as I'm into aviation, and to give me the motivation, I want to do something aviation related.

Can I ask everyone what they would like best?

Here is what has been suggested so far.

1. a Syndicate / Group sharing app, for groups to book a slot in their shared Plane. and also to manage said plane, with expenses, log books etc

2, a Log book app, for pilots to enter a log of their flights.

3. a Training app, for students to get example Question quizzes and a score at the end.

4. a booking app, as opposed to the group share, this is for schools and students to book out a Flying School Plane, complete with an instructor if necessary.

5. A fly out app, to co-ordinate people on fly outs etc

Please, offer alternate suggestions, or give me a vote on what you would like.

and what you think should be incorporated into the design and functionality of said app.

The app will be made available as soon as the university have marked it (which will be July 2017), and I will continue its development afterwards.

If I get good at it, I might well do them all.

Thanks Alex Paterson

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