Calling all flying instructors and examiners. United Kingdom

Hi all, Alex here webmaster of afors.

As part of a university project, I was asked to "invent a mobile app".

I'm already creating a mobile version of afors,
but as that is already under way I have to do something different

I have already asked the afors users what they would suggest, and the majority asked for a mobile Question and answer app for exam training.

So I am now proposing to write a Q&A app and host it here on the afors server.

I can also write some questions and answers, but I felt it was only fair, to give flying instructors the opportunity to also write some questions and answers, moderated collectively.

From a financial perspective, I also propose most of the income, generated by students and pilots downloading the app, go back to the instructors/examiners involved.
For my efforts in creating and hosting, I would take 20%, to include hosting fee and payment processing fee

There would be two aspects to the remaining money distribution.

For each app downloaded using your unique affiliate code, a straight 40% of the income.

For each accepted Q&A block, a pro rata % of the total remaining 40% balance.
for example, if you contributed 100 unique Q&A blocks, and there were 2000 in the database, then you would get 100/2000 = 5%.

Say the app cost £20.00 for all the topics and 25 of your students downloaded it, that would bring you in £500.00

If there were 200 Downloads in total from all students and you had contributed the 5% of the Q&A blocks, you would also receive 5% of the 40% balance

which is 200 * £20 * 40%* 5% = £80.00

If you are interested in being involved, just use the contact form

Thanks, Alex Paterson

Contact the advertiser Contact Details alex 0780 398 9509

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