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NEW PRICE Airfield to sell 120 km ouest of PARIS France


300000 €

Guy and Brigitte WARDAVOIR
Airfield “Le Petit Bois Landry”

Tél.00 33 2 37 49 86 23
Mob. 00 33 6 14591 491

a link to visit in flight :

The entire property is as follows:
- 1 hangar FRISOMAT 500sqm (20 x 25 m), a front door (opening 15 meters), ground asphalt, interior lighting + automatic lighting on the outside, protection alarm.
- 1 hangar FRISOMAT 525 sqm (15 x 35 m), a door at each end (12 m opening), ground asphalt, interior lighting + automatic lighting on the outside, protection alarm.
- A clubhouse 7O sqm, large-area glass, toilets, office, corner bar, lounge, arrived phone, alarm protection. Counter independent for electricity, he feeds the club and hangars. Counter for water, sanitation and independent telephone line.
One-track 600 meters by 23 accredits private airfield
A microlight track 150 m x 20 m
- A large parking lot for the public reception.
A lawnmower Roberine (cutting 2,80 m wide) is sold with the airfield.
An official planning certificate has been obtained and allows the construction of a dwelling in one of the hangars
Everything about 3 ha 33 a 24 ca

Possibility of 10 multi axes parked in each hangar.
Rents are currently 119 Euros / month for a multi TTC and 101 Euros / month tax for a pendulum or a multi-folded.
There are on average between 10 and 15 planes based.

The price of the unit is set at 300 000 € net seller.

For information the airfield is located 500 m from the N 23 PARIS - LE MANS, 120 kilometers far from Ouest of Paris, a highway exit is about 25 km from the airfield and a railway station 14 km (line betting Le Mans).

We are at your disposal for any further information and visits.

Regards. Guy and Brigitte WARDAVOIR

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