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Vertex Standard Air Band Transceiver VXA-300 Pilot III United Kingdom



Professional-Grade Airband Transceiver w/Navigation Display – Pilot Series
The Vertex Standard VXA-300 is a compact, stylish, solid hand-held transceiver providing communication (transmit and receive) capability on the International Aircraft Communication Band ("COM" band: 118 ~ 136.975 MHz), and it additionally provides VOR and CDI navigation features on the "NAV" band (108 ~ 117.975 MHz). 
The VXA-300 boasts 0.8 Watt of clean audio output from its 1.4" (36-mm) diameter loudspeaker, and it also provides 8.33 kHz synthesizer steps for the receiving of the new narrow-band channel plan. The VXA-300 includes both Temperature and Supply Voltage displays with our exclusive Omni-GlowTM display back-lighting for minimal degradation of your night vision, NOAA weather band monitoring, 8-character Alpha/Numeric Display, 150 Memory Channels, and up to 100 "Book Memory" Channels.  The channel configurations can be easily reprogrammed in minutes using the optional PC Programming Kit and your PC.
The VXA-300 Pilot III comes packaged with: antenna, antenna adapter (CN-3) to convert from SMA to BNC, desktop charger, NiMH battery, and headset adapter (CT-96)

Ultra Rugged, Submersible Case Construction
The Pilot III is built inside a rugged Aluminium
case, carefully sealed to protect against water
ingress. Built to survive immersion in water
up to 30 minutes at a depth of three feet,
Pilot III can keep you communicating even if
gets wet if you have to ditch!
250 Programmable Memory Channels
The 150 regular memory channels and 100 preprogrammed
"Book" memory channels can store just about any commonly-used operating frequencies that you choose. And the memories
may be labeled with an Alpha-numeric title of
up to 8 characters, for easy recognition.
Other Features
•Automatic Noise Limiter
•Ambient Temperature monitor
•One-Touch Squelch (Monitor) Control
•External DC Jack (12V) •Battery Voltage Display
•8.33 or 25 kHz Channel Steps •Stop Watch and Count Down Timers
•Easy-to use Menu System for Custom Configuration •PC Programmable
. Note the 8.33 is RX only

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