Taylorcraft 1 third share (non-equity) United Kingdom


F22A £125.00 per month

A rare opprtunity to have a 1 third (non-equity) share in a suberb & versatile aircraft.

The Taylorcraft F22A was Taylorcraft's last model, before the company folded. They are rare , even in the USA, and this is is the only one in Europe. This aircraft only has 700 hours (engine & airframe) from new, so flies superbly. Here are some of the features:

1, The panel is very well equipped
2. Side by side seating
3, Toe brakes on both sides
4. 118 hp Lycoming 0-235 engine (same unit as a Cessna 152, or Piper Tomahawk.
5. Large 3 stage flaps, combined with the powerful engine means it can do everythig a Supercub will do, but with the benefit of side by side seating.
6. Enormous fuel capacity of 42 gallons in 2 wing tanks allow the aircraft to reach any destination in the UK.
7. Very large luggage area behind the seats, that is cleared to carry 200 pounds. (virtually a mini-Maule!)
8, The tricycle undercarriage would make a very easy conversion for pilots moving on from Cessna & Piper training aircraft.
9. Due to the Rarity of the aircraft, the CAA allowed it to transfer to the LAA Permit to Fly system, making for far easier and cheaper maintenance
10. 110 mph cruise
11. 42 mph stall (with full flaps)
Saving the best until last, the aircraft is kept at Tatenhill in it's own individual hangar, so no moving other aircraft to extract your aeroplane, or carrying heavy fuel to the airfield.
My 1 third, non-equity share price of £125 per month, represents 33% of the fixed costs of insuring, maintaining, and hangaring the aircraft. I would also suggest that there is an additional £20.00 per hour (dry), for any hours flown. This will hep to offset any additional maintence costs if the annual hours increase substantially.
Availability is excellent, as I am only flying 3-4 hours a month at present. I'm too busy to fly as often as I should.
Please contact me for a chat if you're interested. I have lots of photos I can e-mail to you.

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