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Electronic Airspeed Indicator with VSI/ALTIMETER/BAROMETER United Kingdom



These Airspeed/Altitude/Vertical Speed/Barometric Units are being built for us by a Swiss based Electronics Engineer. The basic unit starts at £179.00 for the electronic combination unit/monitor including ASI/VSI/ALTITUDE/BAROMETRIC PRESSURE ( Picture shows unit with options arrowed)

These units are built for use in any microlight

there is also an option for a battery backup that will keep the instruments working even without power from the a/c

These instruments do not even require to be inserted in the panel, the display is very flat and can be simply glued or screwed to the panel.

the asi/alt/vs is completely digital and extremely accurate, much more accurate than steam gauges
stall speed can be configured so the led array will indicate correct approach speed
there are 2 buttons for setting up QNH
this instrument works very very well and weights next to nothing

There is also a battery backup power supply that will power ASI for several hours if aircraft battery fails.

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