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Any cash paid

Hi guys,

Our appeal has been very successful already, and we have a had a truly incredible response, from some incredibly generous people, but we still need more Hanger Queens and spares so we can nail a few together to have something we can put back in the air, and the spares to keep them there.

(Its true, a few bolts or a few tubes if they are the ones needed can make all the difference...).

We are a new formed Charity dedicated to getting young people involved in all aspects of Aviation. Our ultimate goal is to create Richard Bach's "School for Perfection" (REAL flyers will know exactly what that is).

As we are just starting out, we have a lot more enthusiasm than money, and we are really totally focussed on buying our own airfield, we can then make this sustainable in perpetuity, so are completely committed to that goal. Hence, if we want aircraft, we are going to have to help ourselves and build them.

Many of you have hangers stuffed full of abandoned aircraft and other detritus, that may well never see the light of day, and has largely been rendered obsolete (i.e, most 2 strokes). You need the space, and we need your junk, and whats more, we can send a trailer, load it up, and if its really useful, PAY YOU CASH..!

So come on guys, "Bring out your dead", and have a good clear out. We can use absolutely ANYTHING. Flexwings, 3 axis, light aircraft and gliders, rag and tube, metal, composite, odd tubes, u/s gauges, nuts and bolts, and any engines and spares you are fed up with tripping over.

The Charity's name is "GET HIGH...Volare!", as featured in the Ocotober MF Magazine (big shout out for Geoff Hill). and you are going to be hearing a lot more of us. It's all happening here...

Please help us if you possibly can. We GUARANTEE it will make a difference.

Tim (Trustee)
07752 257277

We are based in South Lincolnshire, but will travel countrywide to collect if you have useful stuff (we have recovered airframes from Scotland, South Wales and Plymouth already, so don't be shy).

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