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GRATEFUL THANKS! (and airfield possibilities..??) United Kingdom



On behalf of our Charity “GET HIGH...VOLARE!”, its Trustees and Beneficiaries, I would just like to express our deepest thanks to everybody who came forward with offers of help in our recent appeal for Hangar Queens and spares.

The generosity of all concerned has been nothing short of overwhelming, and the result is that we are now in a position to commence flying operations once the weather improves.


Now whilst we would encourage any further offers, and will be offering collections throughout the Winter (as we know that many people clear their hangars at this time of year). We now need to ask for your help once again, this time for information, that may help us achieve our most important goal – AIRFIELD OWNERSHIP.

We will shortly be launching a funding bid to enable us to buy an airfield to base our operation from, which will then enable us to develop outreach programs from, that will serve the whole country. As we are a Charity, this entail offering FULL MARKET VALUE for a suitable airfield.

The airfield does not need to be perfect, as we can put our own buildings up, and indeed dig our own sewers. It just needs to be a smallish airfield, which is ideally outside controlled airspace, and has potential.

You all fly at LOTS of airfields, and are all well aware that there are indeed MANY failing airfields arounbd the country, that would be perfect for our needs. We just need to know about ALL of them.

All we need is the information on every airfield that we might possibly be able to purchase, to enable us to make a decision as to which one would best suit our needs, and hopefully then begin discussions over purchase. Anything you know about the owner (maybe you know them personally?), would be greatly appreciated.

It is entirely possible that an elderly landowner with a failing airfield, might be very pleased to hear what we have to offer.

So could we please ask you once again to help us..?

Give us a call, or drop us an email, we will be really happy to hear from you.

Trustee “Get High...Volare!”
07752 257277

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