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SPORT 2 £3600

Wills Wing Sport 2 155 Intermediate Glider, Woody Valley Harness, Apco Reserve

Immaculate condition.
Bought new in 2008 and has only had 20 hrs use.
Custom colours Red,white and blue.
Pilot weight 150-250lbs.
Woody valley Cosmic harness size 4L ( fits a 6 ft tall person, medium build ) excellent and black.

With Apco Mayday 18 Reserve parachute

Phone Andrew on 07515 268430
Please ask for more pics

It’s finally time to say goodbye to my beloved Sport 2. What a fantastic glider. This was brand new in 2008, it has 10 hours on it. I changed up from the Falcon 2-170 after around 25hrs flying time myself.

The Sport 2 is a dream glider. Great for aerotow, off the winch and from the hills, a little one on the way is forcing the sale!

I regularly flew from Darley Moor Airfiel (where the glider is located) and have been on many comfortable XC flights on it.

Very little use, no wear, sail is in mint perfect crisp condition.

Side wires wont need replacing. Rear and front wires as new. Suit a pilot in the 70-90kg weight range.

It weighs 26kg so nice and light. The VG works great too – it takes off and lands really nicely.

Can be test flown at Darley Moor Airfield, Derbyshire. Will only sell to UK pilots – this glider has only been flown in the UK and I would like to see a UK pilot get the enjoyment out of it.

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