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Jabiru Exhaust system Brand new 316 Stainless United Kingdom


Just testing the market for these as I can have 10 made here in UK. These will be in a higher grade stainless steel than original Jab ones and will have full mod approval from BMAA (LAA to follow hopefully).

Cost from Jabiru via UK agent nearly £700 plus delivery.

Price initially will be around £475 plus delivery

Any Jab exhaust more then 10 years old is basically short-lifed due to the poor steel they were made from. This gets thinner and thinner and eventually cracks, often around the outlet pipes but can be anywhere. They also tend to leak out of the rolled joint on the main box.

I was horrified to see the state of mine on removal, having passed 2 permits without mention! When did you last have a really good look at yours? Don't forget Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer...

Please let me know the apettite, if enough orders price could be better still!

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