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G-Meter small size United Kingdom


This will educate you as to what you can do and what you shouldn't be doing. It's the standard small size instrument. It does not need to be fitted to the panel but of course it's intended to be.

I only ever used Blu-Tack to fit it to the 'plane whenever I thought it would be useful for a particular flight...

Munich-made instrument in perfect condtion. Pictured after a bit of a shake showing the actual g, the positive limit and the negative limit achieved since the "Push to [re-] Set" button was pressed. Then all three pointers will come back to show the current g. Has a 'Pull to Unlock' control for transport.

£60 for collection from Pleasley (between Mansfield and J29 M1) or from a mutually agreed airfield or location. Could ship it at a pinch.

Pse phone don't text - doesn't work.

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