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Rutan LongEz G-ICON United Kingdom


G-ICON had been flying successfully for 13 years and has been constructed to a high standard by and engineer who incorporated many detail improvements. Unfortunately last year a loss of power (suspected carb ice) caused a precautionary landing on a disused air strip which had an obstacle across the runway. This ruptured and removed the undercarriage, which dropped the aircraft onto its left wingtip, damaging the wing. The nose also suffered abrasion damage. The pilot was unharmed, despite bumping his head on the canopy (cracking it) during the undercarriage failure.
The aircraft has flown for 115hrs, and the Rolls Royce 0-240 engine has done 115 hrs since major overhaul by Dukeries Aviation in 2005. Cruise at 140kts & 43mpg in stall-proof comfort.
This aircraft is a great alternative to either buying a ropey flying example, or building from scratch.
A winter project for one who has the skills, or wants to learn the skills.

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