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1986 ARV Super2 *SOLD by WILCO Aviation* United Kingdom

Super2 SOLD

listing placed 27 September 2021

A rare opportunity to own an ARV Super2 (Air Recreational Vehicle) G-OTAL now available through Wilco Aviation. The ARV is a British two-seat light aircraft with strut-braced shoulder wings and tricycle landing gear. Designed by Bruce Giddings, the Super2 was available either factory-built or as a kit. It was intended to be both a cost-effective trainer and an affordable aircraft for private owners.

Originally produced with a Hewland AE75 3 cylinder liquid cooled inline 2 stroke engine producing 77HP, Alpha Lima now benefits from having a Rotax 912 ULS 100HP engine recently having its 600hr gear box service. The Rotax 912ULS gives greater performance than the original Hewland engine.

The ARV Super2 is a side-by-side configuration two-seater with a shoulder wing for improved visibility. The wing is swept forward 5° to maintain correct centre of gravity balance. The wing area is a small 92 sq ft (8.5 m²), giving a wing loading of 11.9 lb/ft² (58.1 kg/m²). The forward sweep may also promote a spanwise airflow inwards towards the root, thereby reducing the likelihood of a wingtip stall. The ARV’s tapered fibreglass wingtips help to reduce drag from wingtip vortices.

The ARV is constructed mainly of aluminium alloy, with fibreglass wingtips, cowlings and canopy frame. The cockpit is a stiff monocoque of “Supral” alloy for lightness and improved crash protection. Aft of the cockpit bulkhead, the ARV is conventionally built, with frames, longerons and a stressed skin forming a semi-monocoque. Skin sections are both glued and riveted. The aircraft has twin control sticks. Ailerons, elevators and flaps are pushrod-controlled, but the rudder and trim are cable-linked. The rudder pedals also control a steerable nosewheel, but the hand-operated disc brakes are not differential and do not contribute to steering.

Originally, ARVs were available either as kit-built aircraft (subject to PFA Permit), or factory built (and subject to the CAA Certificate of Airworthiness). In the spring of 1990 Aviation Scotland Limited was to restart production and in 1993 that company intended to set up another facility in Sweden to build ARVs. In the late 1990s the aircraft was sold in kit form in the US as the Highlander by Highlander Aircraft Corporation of Golden Valley, Minnesota.

In 2004, the CAA reclassified all ARVs as PFA (now LAA) Permit aircraft.

G-OTAL was recently featured in the June 2021 edition of the Light Aircraft Associations magazine publication with a flight test and write up by Clive Davidson.

Please see;

Total fuel: 55 litres
Interior: Grey Fabric with Red Trim
Exterior: Red with Silver Trim
TQ Systems KRT2 Radio (8·33 kHz spaced)
AvMap Ultra EFIS
Air Speed Indicator
Altitude Indicator
Turn Coordinator
Rotax FLYdat
Aircrew Flight Instrument
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Pilot Aware Rosetta
Landing Lights
12v charging socket output
Ferry tank option

Exterior – 7/10
Interior – 7/10

YEAR: 1986
MAKE: ARV Aviation Ltd
MODEL: ARV1 Super2
ENGINE MAKE: Rotax 912 ULS 100HP
PROP MAKE: Woodcomp Klassic
LAST PERMIT: Valid to June 2022


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+44 (0)7568302334

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