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listing placed 02 January 2022 Ireland

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Ikarus C42 European Spec

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C42 €33950

The Ikarus C42 is the VW Golf of sport aviation.  You can’t go wrong with a C42 as it excels at so many things like you would expect from a well thought out German product. If you ask an examiner who does flight tests in the C42 they would confirm the lightweight construction belies its heavy weigh ability to handle windy days, short fields and keep pilots of all skill levels safe.
The C42 has been evolving over the years, but the 80hp version is light and pure with no lack of performance. The aircraft jumps off the ground in just over 100m. Light it can climb at over 1100 feet per minute and will cruise about 85kts. The 50 Litre fuel tank is good for about 3 hours and there is a great heater in the C42 for those cold days.
EI-FNS is a European Spec 450Kg factory-built microlight. This aircraft cannot be registered in the UK, but it can be registered in pretty much all European counties. We had a little learning curve here researching all this, but suffice it to say we could spot a C42 at 100 yards now and tell you which model it is! In March 2016 this aircraft had all new skins fitted which is a huge plus point. The aircraft was last weighed in 2017 at 266kg so the useful load is 184kg. The previous owner did a nice job decal wrapping the fuselage and spats in an eye-catching scheme which we adore. The permit to fly is valid until May 2022. The total time is 1032hrs and we noticed lots of work done under the cows with receipts for the mechanical pump and carb overhaul kits sticking out immediately. The cost of ownership is so modest for the fun on offer with a permit being about €300, cheap insurance and burning 13L of Mogas an hour. When this C42 sells we will just get another one for stock, they are like money in the post office. We’ve spoken to lots of C42 owners, and one at Bagby said to us “I’ve had every breed of an aeroplane from a Beagle Pup to a Seneca III. I knock more value and better flying out of the C42 than anything I’ve ever had”… which pretty much sums it up.

Price €33,950 EURO Vat Inc

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