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listing placed 09 September 2022 United Kingdom

P&M Quik - Lightweight Touring / Cockpit Cover

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P&M Quik - Lightweight Touring / Overnight Cockpit Cover

If you tour two-up in a trike then baggage space is at a premium and trying to keep the weight down is also a concern. As nobody seems to make a lightweight cover I have been experimenting for some time to adapt a tarpaulin that is easy to put on and only covers the bare essentials ie cockpit, instrument panel and seats.
Please note, and I must stress, this is not intended as a replacement for the P&M full heavyweight cover and will not be sufficient to withstand a howling gale and driving rain. However, it should protect your cockpit from normal three-season British weather conditions and keep your kit out of sight when you leave the trike unattended. Best of all, it only weighs 350gms and fits easily into the side pocket. I took it touring with my mate Paul for a week in Cornwall last year and it worked fine at keeping out the occasional overnight rain and usual morning dew.
As with all covers, water will eventually get in somewhere if the rain is persistent, as it is impossible to seal up every crevice. Even the full P&M cover, which we have used for 20 plus years of touring, still let in water if there was a heavy downpour. So just to be clear - I’m not making any claims about this cover being 100% weatherproof, but it is certainly better than having no cover at all!
Anyway, I made a couple using a heavy-duty yet lightweight [manufacturer’s claims not mine!] camouflaged tarp. I have modified the cover now to incorporate specially made to length bungees, fastened permanently to one side of the tarp for ease of fitting. There is also a bungee which you attach first and stretch from the front strut to the pylon T clamp behind the back seat – this tensions the cover.
The cover is designed to be fitted with the wing fully rigged, the control bar secured to the seat frame or to the front strut, with the screen attached. I’ve found it really quick to fit if there is a sudden shower whilst you are visiting another airfield – something you could never do with a P&M cover!
Fits all Quik models with standard pod, as far as I’m aware [not sure about the GT Explorer] – if you have the engine covers then it fits snugly underneath with the front clips undone and I suggest folding the rear seat over the front seat. You can squeeze 2 helmets and suits underneath plus your empty panniers can be swung into the back seat.
I’ve dropped the price by £10 from my original listing as there is less labour [no sewing – I broke the wife’s machine!] in the newer version, which works equally well.

I’ve got a couple left I x Arctic Camo [pictured] or 1x Standard Green Camo
Can make a few more if sufficient interest

Cost £29.95 plus £4 Royal Mail ‘Signed For’ postage
Contact: Geoff Hall
Text 07807 169226

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