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listing placed 24 April 2022 United Kingdom

Dragonfly soaring trike G-DGFY

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Dragonfly with Tople £5000

This microlight made by Flylight is aimed at pilots who want to explore engine-off thermal and coastal soaring. It has an extremely efficient topless wing, fully faired trike and amazing retractable undercarriage. The engine is a 4-stroke and can therefore be reliably restarted in the air. It is powerful enough to climb at about 400 ft per minute with an 86kg pilot. The stall speed of 24mph means it is a very safe aircraft that can operate out of short fields. The cruise speed is fast enough at around 40mph and since it sips fuel at 2.5 litres an hour, you can easily get 5 hours of flying from the 20 litre tank. Although 10 years old, the aircraft has done only 150 hours flying, and there is a full service record.
• SSDR aircraft (no annual machine permit needed – but pilot needs a flying licence)
• Topless wing (Aeros Combat 12T)
• Soaring aircraft (can switch engine off and on in flight)
• Electric start
• Retractable undercarriage
• Low-drag fairings
• Fits in a medium sized car (wing goes on roof rack)
• 22 hp 4 stroke Bailey engine (2.5litres per hour)
• 20 litre tank
• 37mph hands-off cruise (can buy trim kit to get 42mph)
• Full electronic instruments (engine, altitude, vario etc)
• Disk brake
• Detachable 2 piece carbon fibre prop
• Many spares
• 150 hours total flying (in 10 years)
• 100m take-off roll. (50m landing with disk brake)
• Hangared at Peterlee airfield (continued hangarage available)
• Aircraft has been permanently rigged (except for one trip to Flylight)
• Insurance covered by BHPA membership (approx £130 per year)
• Flying suits, helmets etc included

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