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listing placed 20 May 2022 United Kingdom

Christen Eagle group (hopefully) forming, Popham


If you've been reading for the last few months you may have noticed that I've been searching for an aerobatic aircraft to use or share in the Thruxton area. After a fruitless search for an existing group I've noticed that there are now a couple of Christen Eagles for sale so I'm looking into the finances of owning one. As I see it there are two main options and I'm currently undecided as to which is best:

1) I buy the aircraft outright then charge a monthly fee and let anyone who meets appropriate experience/competence criteria hire the aircraft at a suitable hourly rate (probably also requiring a deposit to be paid, which could be use to offset any insurance excess if they were to have a bump, for example), or

2) I form a small group (no more than 5, I think) where each person owns an equal proportion, again with a monthly fee and hourly rate and a deposit. Option 1 is in operation at a couple of groups in the south of England so it clearly works, but this method requires a large outlay on my behalf, as well as all the risk. Option 2 lessens my exposure but it means I'd lose control over the aircraft (e.g. upgrades, usage etc.).

Do get in touch to discuss: nick at gribbs dot uk - don't use the afors messaging system as I'll most likely not notice your message is there. I'm open to any ideas as to how this might be made to work, but there's limited time before a purchase decision has to be made, so please contact me asap.

[Edit 1: By the way, G-IXII is not one of the ones I'm looking at, in case that makes a difference.

Edit 2: Personally both I and my long-suffering wife would prefer Option 2, as Option 1 is just a little bit too expensive!]



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