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listing placed 07 August 2022 United Kingdom

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Fabulous Magni M22c

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M22c 69,750

Reluctant sale of this fabulous touring gyro, but as an instructor, it’s the gyro I never get to fly, so it needs a new owner!

1st registered for flight in Sept 2017; it has about 65 hrs engine/airframe time, flies as you would expect from a new gyro, its flying hrs mean the engine is just ‘run in’, with all the controls tight and responsive - like new!
Condition is as you would expect from a gyro with such low hours, it’s hangared in good dry hangar and meticulously maintained.

Incredibly stable in flight - all the way up to VNE.

Kanardia NESIS gives great functionality - EMS, GPS AI (and combinations of these).

If you like the Magni M16 (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love the M22 - you can use the rear seat for a passenger and still take ‘stuff’ (up to 115litres of ‘stuff space’) - with a larger fuel tank for long range trips too.

Great tail reg AND M22 6YRO available as a vehicle plate, for the true enthusiast!

Flying hours will increase, but only slightly; I love flying the M22, but I don’t get the opportunity it deserves!

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