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listing placed 22 September 2022 United Kingdom

Alpi Pioneer 300

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Pioneer 300 £69,750

Alpi Pioneer 300

This aircraft could also be described as a Pioneer Hawk with Pioneer 300 wings.
It has the Hawk nose leg (greater MTOW), the superior Hawk interior, toe brakes for left hand seat, undercarriage doors and an aileron trim.
The fabric covered wings make the aircraft basic weight less compared with the plywood covered wings of the Hawk resulting in a greater load capacity. Basic weight 330Kg. MTOW 560Kg.
Aircraft first flew in May 2009. I have owned it since August 2010 when it had done ten flying hours. It has now done 369 hours and is still in use.

Dynon D100 EFIS
Dynon D120 EMS
The D100 and D120 are networked so that it is possible to transfer information from one to the other. This enables flying from either seat with full EFIS instrumentation for the handling pilot and EMS information on the non handling pilot display.
Dynon HS34 control panel.
Garmin 795 GPS. Coupled to Dynon and Transponder.
Garmin GDL 50 portable mode S receiver. Shows ADSB traffic on the Garmin 795.
Garmin GNC255A Nav Comm. VOR information can be displayed on the Dynon.
TRT800 Mode S transponder - ADSB enabled.
Fly Box prop controller for the constant speed Alisport propeller.
Full set of aircraft covers including prop.
Alpi Cockpit cover.
Heavy weight Cambrai cockpit cover.
Superior and very comfortable four point harness.
A few various minor spare parts.
New tyres 2021.
All ADs, MODs etc complied with.
Permit valid until May 31 2023.


Contact or 07768 257000

Aircraft based between Newbury and Swindon.

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