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listing placed 24 January 2023 United Kingdom

2x Sennheiser Noisegard ANR/ANC Headsets HMEC 460

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HMEC 460 £495

2 pairs of Sennheiser HMEC 460 Noisegard ANR/ANC Aviation/Aircraft Headsets.
Review and comparison here (where they were tested as better than Bose X!):

Runs on AA batteries or aircraft power!

Please see Ebay link below for more photos.
They are cheaper on AFORS!

Also selling Microcom Microlights headsets:

The Sennheisers are in excellent condition. Faux leather ear cushions looking a bit tired and might need replacing (as is normal for a used headset).
Faux leather headband a bit scuffed in places. Seam is splitting on one headband - easily repairable.
A few nicks in the ear shells but hardly noticeable.

These can be powered via 2x AA batteries in the controller or through aircraft power via the standard XLR connectors. Even when running from aircraft power the 2x AA batteries can stay in the controller as a back-up. In either case there is a switch than can be permanently left in 'Auto Shut-Off' Mode). You don't need to use the aircraft power supply XLR connectors if you don't have them - the ANR will still run off the AA batteries. Best of both worlds!

In original boxes and comes with 2x carry cases which look unused.

Details from Sennheiser website:

The HMEC 460 is a new circumaural pilot's headset with NoiseGard™ active noise compensation for use in propeller and turbo prop aircraft.

Its silver coloured surface gives it an exclusive and premium-class look. The HMEC 460 not only has an extra generously padded headband and extremely soft ear pads, it also features a low 8.0 N contact pressure, 20 % less than its predecessor.

The HMEC 460 even includes sockets for multimedia applications: an extra 3.5mm Audio-In-socket for those who want to connect their MP3-player directly to the headset, and a 2.5mm Cell-Phone-In-socket for the cell phone.

Modern design, stylish silver finish

Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to reduced contact pressure (approx. 7N) and improved ear pads and headband padding

Superior audio quality

Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmission

Control unit provides the following features: Volume control, audio-In, cell-phone-in, switch for NoiseGard™ on/off, switch mono/stereo, switch boom left/right, 2-coloured status-LED

NoiseGard supply can be used either from 2x AA batteries of from aircraft by XLR-3 connector

Auto shut-off function

Can be used as conventional headphones when supply voltage for NoiseGardTM is switched off

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