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Low Cost Aircraft Hangers adid = 10533

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Engines & Props, For Sale

Aircraft hangers custom built to your requirements.
We specialise in Flex wing, Three axis, and G.A aircrafts.
All our buildings are constructed of 3 x 2 framework cls and redwood 14mm or 19mm tongue and groove tanalized material.
4 x 2 roof joists, option of ply roof and 5mm green mineral felt or roof galvanised sheets, etc,
These buildings can be fitted with or without floors, plus airvents if required.
All site visits can be arranged.
There is a delivery charge to cover fuel costs.
Fitting is free of charge on any size building.
Please contact us for full spec.
Email: or 07961 789097
Send Paul Higgs a Secure Message. Contact Details 07961 789097 OR 01785 713000
GS  Aviation