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A2 Flying Jacket Genuine Leather Brown ?150.00 adid = 11183

Aviation Photo number 19251
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Clothing, For Sale | A-2 Intermediate Fly, A-2 Intermediate Fly | 150.00

A-2 Intermediate Flying Jacket - genuine Horsehide - brown

The flying jacket is tough and sturdy, yet a soft and superlative quality. This is a new jacket with
brown cotton inner lining, collar with button-down-fastener and the back is made out of one piece.

high grade horsehide
2 side pockets
ribbed knitted cuffs on the sleeves
2 inside pockets - one with a snap fastener
warm inner lining
keeps the cold air out thanks to the sleeve and waist cuffs
high quality Talon Zipper

Will courier to buyer.

Exquisite workmanship through hand made production.
01332 840302
Send Alan Clifford a Secure Message. Contact Details 07939072580 Ask a Question


There are 5 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi,I would like to ask the price of this product,if you can sent it to my country,Greece,and how much is gone a cost me in total price. Thank you very much

A1 I will dispatch to Europe for ?20.00 via a courier service. Thus the Jacket plus p&p would be ?200.00 cheers alan

Q2 Dear Sir i would like to ask you for the price of this jacket and if there would be any discounts for students. Plus i would like to ask if you could send me more pictures of this jacket, including the back. I would be very grateful to you for this favor. Kind regards Syed Adnan Saeed

A2 Call me for details and arrangements

Q3 Is the 'Blue Max' WW1 Flying Jacket still available? Regards, Scott Webster

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 Hi, what size is the jacket?

A4 awaiting answer

Q5 Hi, what size is the jacket?

A5 awaiting answer