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Eurostar Nppl Training At Conington adid = 11945

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Three-axis Microlights, Clubs & training, Eurostar | ?114/hour (10 hblock)

FlyCB Eurostar flight training centre at Peterborough-Conington has the largest fleet of Eurostars in the UK. We also offer a sensibly priced syndicate share scheme for qualified pilots which makes flying affordable for all. Little or no progress made recently. Fed up with always been told "no flying today; its too wet, too windy too etc, etc", then try our Eurostars based at Peterborough-Conington, I guarantee you will make progress. No more boggy grass fields, fly from tarmac runways. Great availability: four Eurostars and two Instructor/Examiners available seven days a week. Take advantage of our fantastic facilities which makes learning easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Benefit from being based in modern airport buildings with briefing & flight planning rooms, cafe and licensed bar. We provide the full NPPL-Microlight course including all ground and flight exams. On completion, we offer a Eurostar syndicate scheme so you can continue to fly a Eurostar at sensible prices. Want to experience radar services and make more use of the radio: all our aircraft are mode S transponder equipped and we benefit from being close to several RAF LARS units. We also offer Light Aircraft training and Microlight to Light Aircraft conversion courses, GST Exams and ground school. Come and train on a modern, high performance aircraft at one of the best facilities in the UK. Peterborough-Conington is just 5 minutes from J15 of the A1(M), 7 miles to the south of Peterborough. Contact Bob McMaster, CFI, FlyCB: Tel 01933 386655 Mobile 07760152825 or e-mail
See our website:
Send Bob McMaster a Secure Message. Contact Details 01933 386655 Ask a Question


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Q1 Do you accept visa debit cards

A1 You can pay for your training using all major debit/credit cards. There are no processing costs for debit cards but credit cards incurr a cost of 3.5%

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