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Wanted: Easa Repair Kit adid = 12209

Views so far = 2213

Miscellaneous, Wanted

Wanted - repair kit for broken/unserviceable EASA.

Needs fixing to stop it coming out with gibberish such as: "Please note that NPA-2009-04 "Airworthiness Approval and Operational Criteria for onboard equipment related to Area Navigation for Global Navigation Satellite System approach operation to Localiser Precision with Vertical guidance minima using Satellite Based Augmentation System" is now open for consultation on EASA website."

Would consider swap for UK regulator and cash saving - or W.H.Y?

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There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Dunlop used to produce some nice large repair patches for tubed tyres. Can you not find a supply of those?

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Can't use the Dunlop one's... they fail catastrophically at the first sign of hot air or blather. Suggest binning the whole thing and putting it down to experience - move on.

A2 awaiting answer

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