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Robin Dr315 For Sale adid = 12229

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Centre Aeronautique,, DR 315 (Petit Prince | ?22,500

Aircraft has a current C of A and is hangared at all times.General condition is very good.Engine (Lycoming O-235-C1:40 hours since complete re-build) Equipment includes; two radios (Becker and Microair 760), Twin headsets David Clark (10-13.4), Transponder (NARCO CP 136 TSO), Mag Compass & DI,8 day clock, GPS(Skymap:Bendix-King),Intercom (Signatronics), Nav Lights,,New Prop (McCauley: Metal. This aircraft is an excellent, economic, touring machine (2 + 2 seats. Contact Peter Leggo. Tel: 01223 892489 (after 18.00 weekdays).
Send Peter Leggo a Secure Message. Contact Details Tel: 01223 892489 Ask a Question

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Q1 Hi, Where are you based and do you have any photos of the interior? Thanks.

A1 awaiting answer

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