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New Spinner For Piper Arrow Iii Pa28r 201. adid = 12737

Aviation Photo number 7528
Views so far = 2730

Engines & Props, For Sale | PIPER, Fits McAully and Har | ?950

Part No 67790-00 fits either Hartzell or Mcaully Prop.
Brand new, in box, as received from the States. Light powder coat finish ready to spray.
With EASA Form 1.

We had a prop strike on our Arrow last year and ordered this spinner, but decided to repair and retain our original (highly polished!) spinner after all.
Postage& Packing Standard parcel UK ?10
Phone 01485609181 for overseas carriage.
Send Roger Haverson a Secure Message. Contact Details 01485609181 Ask a Question
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