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Shadow /wheel Spats Leg Fairings adid = 12943

Aviation Photo number 12483
Views so far = 7287

Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | p.o.a

Undercarrage fairing + nose wheel spats, extended dashboards for narrow and wide body shadows
undercarrage fairings will fit all shadows with crosby undercarrage contact for further information
Send mick forman a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941850996 / 01952404569 Ask a Question

There are 5 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 how much is the rear under carriage including postage? Do you do any other parts of fiberglass for shadows? I am looking for a new section between the fuselage and wing. Look forward to hearing from you

A1 Yes i do have the mould for wheel spats, undercarrage fairings, engine scoops, wing tips, nose cone and the part requested to fit between the wing and fuselage.

Q2 Hi Mick, How much closer does the wide-body instrument panel get you? How much are they? PM me if you like - info[at] Cheers, Tim Walker.

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 How much do the Undercarrage fairing + nose wheel spats cost? Thanks


Q4 hello, do you still have the spats ?

A4 awaiting answer

Q5 Hi, are you still selling leg fairings for Shadows? If so how much for a set of white leg fairings? Thanks Alan

A5 awaiting answer