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For Sale - Aeronca Champ Wing Parts adid = 12957

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Aeronca, Champ | Negotiable

Aeronca Champ wing parts :

Both wings stripped for examination. Left wing: main spar (repairable minor damage to tip only)and rear spar, all internal tubes and drag and anti-drag wires. Ribs have been condemned (too many rivet holes).

Right wing: Rear spar & tubes etc as above. Ribs as above.

Two good ailerons.

Call for more details.
Buyer collects!

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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 hi i see that is site.tell me that pipe r use in wings structur.wt is the many pipe with u.send me pic on my email.( i m waiting ur reply.tanx.

A1 This is not a Piper wing, nor a pipe wing....different contruction techniques.

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