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Robinson R22's For Sale adid = 13835

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Helicopters, For Sale | Robinson, R22 | ?40-109K

Fly-Q has the following R22's for sale.

Robinson R22 Alpha - ?115,000 + VAT

G-LIPE R22 Beta - Make Offer

Robinson R22 Beta - Ask - It's VAT Paid!

Robinson R22 Beta II - Make us an offer.

Robinson R22 HP - time expired - open to offers

Robinson R22 HP - ?64,995 + VAT

Full details and pictures on web site:

x10 Robinson R44's

Schweizer 269c - ?155,000 VAT PAID

Eurocopter EC120 - ?675,000 VAT PAID

x9 Bell 206's

Agusta 109A MKII - Ask + VAT

Gazelle SA341G Civilian - ?260,000 + VAT

Eurocopter AS350B - ?360,000 + VAT

Eurocopter AS355 F2 - ?625,000 + VAT

2x Schweizer 269cb - Price on application

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