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Fly-in, For Sale

We are specialised in exporting Chinese aircraft parts, such as: CJ-6/PT-6, Y-12, K-8, Y-8, etc. QS-2 Brake valve differential BG12-1A Instrument altimeter FL-3 Compass amplifier ZH-4 Instrument compass indicator GY-1 Fuel pressure ZWH-1 Instrument cyl. Temp ZZ30-1C Instrument tach single needle DH-2 Boost coil TS-1 Prop governer CP-15 Petrol Pumb(gasoline) CB-32A Engine oil pump BC10 Instrument vsi (rate of climb) BAV-3 Instrument current voltage BYJ-1 Instrument manifold press CSR-1 Air radiator H2-6112-00A/1 2 Oil house R/H BDP-2B Instrument Horizon 301 Clock front cockpit 2UC2-7 Instrument oil indicator BYQ80-1A Air pressure guage QS-1 Brake valve reducing KY-2C Air Compressor SB-1 Pump manual fuel wobble pump QHQ-14 Carburetor CQ409 Brake bladder any requirement.
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