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Whittaker Mw7 Single Seater Sold adid = 13918

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Whittaker, MW7 | ?2,900

Now sold.

Still the most cost effective way of maintaining a "Group A" (SEP) licence. Single-handed wing fold results in an exceptionally small footprint and the possibility of very inexpensive hangarage in an otherwise unusable space. An enclosed trailer is also included in the asking price.

This aircraft is the original prototype, built by the designer himself and said to have the nicest flying characteristics of all the examples constructed. It is exceptionally good fun to fly and the airframe was originally designed for aerobatic loads. It has been maintained in very good condition and has a current LAA Permit.

The engine is a 64hp Rotax 532 (134 hours TT) and the airframe has just 119 hours. Consumption (MOGAS) is approximately 18 litres per hour and total fuel capacity with the additional underwing tanks is 44 litres. The aircraft cruises at 60 - 65 knots (5,400 RPM). Empty weight as per the original documentation is 144kg and there have been no modifications since. MTOW is 272kg, so there is theoretically space for a 14 stone pilot and full fuel. Power to weight ratio at MTOW is 235hp per tonne, which is one reason the aircraft is fun to fly.

The MW7 makes extensive use of bolted angle aluminium in its construction, rather than tubes. This elminates the need for the machined end fittings that the Whittaker microlights use. A full set of construction drawings is included with the aircraft. A mounting bracket, lead acid battery and power wiring for an Icom transceiver are also included.
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There are 4 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 will the cockpit accomodate a 6ft 1in pilot

A1 I'm 6ft exactly and fit in with room to spare. Francis Donaldson has flown the MW7 and I believe he's about 6ft 2in, so I'd expect there to be sufficient headroom for you.

Q2 Hi, Why are you selling the aircraft? Thanks, Andrew.

A2 I'm selling because I can't justify owning two aircraft, especially now I have a baby daughter and limited time. My other aircraft is more suited to longer distance touring, which is a better match for the less frequent flights I am now able to make.

Q3 Please can you advise where the aircraft can be viewed?

A3 The aircraft is based on a farm strip in SW Oxfordshire.

Q4 how many meters do you need to take off?do you thing it's possible to base this aircraft on a ultralight field ?

A4 awaiting answer

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