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Nanchang Cj-6 Spare Parts For Sale adid = 14369

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Fly-in, For Sale | Nanchang

50 H2-6112-00 gasoline tank
51 H2-6341-700 ring
52 H2-6400-06 screw bolt of engine mounting
53 H2-6811-02/1 gasket
54 H2-7720-40 Valve land gear rear
55 H6A-04-044(14.04-513) Rocker chamber cap gasket
56 HB3-1-2?16?25-III spring
57 J9 G1 Propeller
58 JH2-6842-00 filter screen
59 KY-2 air compressor
60 LC-2 Magnetic compass
61 QDF-1 magnetic valve
62 RA-4W Flourescent bulb for Cockpit light flourescent light
63 TS1 Speed governer
64 WD-1 Tail lamp
65 ZP4 electric brush/wipers assembly
66 ZSQ-6 grease ingector
67 ZZ35 Tachmeter indicator
As the list is huge, if your demand is not on the list please feel free to contact us.
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