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Taylor Jt1 Monoplane adid = 14519

Aviation Photo number 11102
Views so far = 11869

Fly-in, For Sale, taylor mono | ?6500

taylor monoplane GBDNG for sale good condition but requires re rigging and a new permit to fly it has recently undergone a lot of modifications and up grades these include a alternator electric ignition slick mag new pressure cowling starter and a good once over. the engine is a 65 horsepower vw it has stainless steel exhausts which are new. The paint work is red and yellow and is in good condition the engine and airframe are low hours. this is a great little plane and i bought it with the intention of flying it but i have recently bought a cessna 150 so therefore the little mono has to go im quite prepared to comlete the work and permit if anyone is interested in it please call for more info. please note the cowling in this picture has been replaced with a more steamlined one all the ancillares are now run off the rear of the engine via a deihl accesory case all in all it is a great little plane but i cant afford to keep both of them im open to offers over ?4500
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