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Nomex By Dupont Fire Proof Flying Overalls adid = 15202

Aviation Photo number 24359
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Clothing, For Sale | RSH Airwear | 79.95

Nomex flight overalls in a mixture of sizes and styles, in blue from RSH Airwear and all are fully featured with all pockets etc where they should be, these all came from a shop which closed down hence why we are able to offer them at a great price of just ?79.95 a pair plus postage of ?5.50 .Please ring with your size and I will find the closest match.
Size 46" chest 32" inside leg x 4

Size 40" chest 30" inside leg with badges x 3 two of which have badges

Size 38" chest 28" inside leg x 1

Size 38" chest 30" insde leg x 2 one with badges

Size 42" chest 30" inside leg sleeves 2.5" shorter x 1 with badges

Size 42" chest 30" inside leg sleeves 1" shorter x 1

Size 40" chest 30" inside sleeves 2.5" shorter x 1

Size 34" chest 27" inside leg Black colour x 2

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