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1995 Pzl Koliber 150a adid = 15650

Aviation Photo number 12136
Views so far = 7996

Fly-in, For Sale | PZL, Koliber 150A | 45,000 USD

$45,000 USD

Total Time: 1070 hrs.
Engine: Lycoming
150 hp O-320-E2A
1070 hrs. TTSN
Prop: 1070 hrs. TTSN
Next Annual: December, 2010

Modern T-Panel Layout ? Dual Narco Mark 12D Digital Nav Coms with VORs ? Narco AT 150 Transponder with Encoder ? Narco C136 Intercom

Equipment & Features:
? A True STOL Airplane ? Fly with Sticks, not Yokes ? Sliding Canopy Can Be Flown Open ? Full Span Leading Edge Slotting Wings - Slats deploy and retract automatically ? New Cleveland Brake Assembly with New Axles, Rotors, Calipers, Master Cylinders, Pads ? New Tires ? Newer Rudder Rods with Upgrades ? New Concorde Sealed Battery ? New Rubber Around Canopy ? New Cowl Fasteners.? Hangared Since New ? Good Glass ? All A.D.'s Complied ? All Logs ? No Damage History ? 7? to 9 gph Fuel Burn ? Approx. 700 lb. Useful Load ? Approx. 500 lb. Payload

8 - Overall White with Red and Blue Trim in Very Good Condition.

8 - Blue Cloth and Vinyl Interior in Very Good Condition.

Located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania USA. Please see my website at for photos and details. We can help arrange transportation for you at your expense.
Send Ron Howes a Secure Message. Contact Details 763-389-9399 (USA)