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Aerobatic Harness 5-point ?75 Ono adid = 16017

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | Luke Racing Systems, Max-G 5-Point | ?75 ono

Luke Racing Systems, 5-Point Harness.

This is almost brand-new 5-Point, quick-release harness.

Fitted new as part of a rebuild on a Pitts Special, it was replaced for cosmetic reasons and has only seen 2 hours use. Is therefore in excellent condition with only minor scuff marks on the release mechanism.

The 5 Points are 2xs Shoulder straps, 2x Lap Straps and 1x Crotch Strap, going into a convenient, single Locking Mechanism.

Priced for a quick Sale,
Luke are a British company with over 30 Years of Harness Manufacture experience.

Click Link below for New Price.


Send Stephen Evans a Secure Message. Contact Details 07884 236873

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