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Ce55na* Car Registration ? adid = 16509

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Miscellaneous, For Sale

If you are flying Cessnas - or even, lucky enough to own one (?) - you might consider picking up a CE55NA* car registration, provided you have a suitable vehicle no older than about 2005 to match the plate allocation regulations.

My own Cessna days are now long over - unless a sudden rush of blood away from head to heart leads to an irrational impulse purchase (could still happen!)- so the CE55NA* plate is now offered for sale, with a certain suffix letter*.

On a retention certificate with main transfer fee already paid, requires only a ?25 fee to alter the form V750 nominee - that's you.

If seriously interested, please e-mail or call to discuss. (High-born expatriates most cruelly deported from crazy places and offering a percentage of their massive stranded fortunes in return for my help in recovering such....need not apply)
Send David Palmer a Secure Message. Contact Details 01771 622423
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