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European Microlight Aircraft Association adid = 16604

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Weightshift Microlights, Clubs & training

The European Microlight Aircraft Association will be set up subject to sufficient support form European Microlight/Ultralight Owners & Pilots to improve the Regulation of Microlight/Ultralight Airsports within Europe.

The EMAA will be ran to put all of Europe's Microlight/Ultralight interests under one umbrella to promote and improve EU Light Aviation.

The EMAA wants to reduce regulation within our sport and bring a united association together and push for a uniform set of rules & regulations throughout all of Europe to bring parity to all microlight/ultralight operators & owners.
To bring this forward we need your support.

Please sign up and help us build an Association that foremost wants to simplify Microlighting across Europe and work to one set of regulations throughout Europe.

Our intention is to improve Microlighting and bring parity to Light Aviation within Europe!/group.php?gid=138628236165443&v=info&ref=ts
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