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Complete 1983 Rotorway Scorpion Ii 133hp. adid = 16715

Aviation Photo number 13860
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Helicopters, For Sale | Rotorway, Scorpion II | 1800

Complete 1983 Rotorway Scorpion II 133hp.

This is a great opportunity and head start for someone that wants to get into helicopters.
I purchased this Rotorway totally disassembled and in boxes. I assembled to insure the helicopter is complete. All build manuals and drawings are included. It will be the next owner?s responsibility to check set up based on the manuals?which is what should be done to familiarize themselves with this helicopter anyway, and be able to maintain as recommended.
Rotorway?s own 4 stroke 4 cylinder liquid cooled 133hp engine powers this craft.
Magneto ignition.
Engine has =>180 lbs compression in all cylinders. (I don?t have a differential pressure set.)
Oil pressure is 50lbs cold, and is adjustable at the pump.
All new belts.
All new glass (Lexan).
Brand new Sealed battery (35 amp hour.)
Some new bearings.
New starter.
Carbs rebuilt with new carb kits.
Ground handling tires included.
Fresh paint.
There was no hour meter when I purchased this craft. I had and installed a used one. Hours show about 180hrs. TT is unknown, but based on condition is very low.
I have run this helicopter with the blades on. Blade balance is good, tracking needs to be adjusted slightly. I?m not rotorcraft rated and didn?t try to fly this machine.
Helicopter has flown in years past, but not by me.
Never registered.
In--op are engine tach and rotor tach. The new style dual gauge should be purchased and installed by next owner.
Interior and cyclic grip are not included and can be chosen based on the new owner?s taste.
Included is a nice main rotor blade storage/shipping box.
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