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Reduced Price Iphone Mount! Rans S6 Hyd Brakes! adid = 16819

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Fly-in, For Sale | 119.99

FOR THE NEXT 8 ORDERS ONLY. The AirPad iPhone (Black) will be ?24 off!

We are now pleased to offer a hydraulic brake kit for Rans S6 taildragger please visit our site for more details.

AirPad and AirPad iPhone now available.
The AirPad is the new iPad mount for your aircraft, combining style, quality and precision to keep your iPad safe in the air and on the ground. The unique secure system restricts movement of the iPad, protecting it from vibrations, accelerations and unwanted attention. It is precision machined from aluminium billet to produce a product of outstanding quality which can be customised with a choice of colour. AirPad and iPad combine to bring you a stable, secure EFIS at the fraction of the cost of many existing platforms, and with many more functions thanks to the Apple App Store.

Suitable for aerobatic aircraft (+6/-3g) and microlights (mount and iPad weight is 1.275kg/2.813lb) alike.

Also available for iPhone.

We are VAT registered, payment is via paypal - the convenient and secure way to pay.

We offer a 14day no fuss return policy.
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