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Nppl For ?5000 In Cessna 172 At Rutland adid = 17459

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training

?5000 - assumes training in minimum hours (32) includes all books, exams and tests (both NST and GST) - the complete course.
Full EASA PPL is just ?6500

See for more details

Located at a superb private grass airfield in the heart of Rutland (East Midlands).
Rutland Flying School offers flying training and examinations for the issue of your private pilot licence and associated ratings.

The emphasis of the school is on providing quality, patient, one to one tuition at a pace to suit you.

Remember, there are no membership fees or home landing fees at Rutland.

I use a roomy 4 seat Cessna 172 with dual rates of ?132 per hour.

Please call or email me to discuss your training requirements.

I look forward to helping you with your training needs in 2013

Stephen Waddy

Tel 01572 420572 or 07789 712873

Send Stephen Waddy a Secure Message.