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Brs Rescue System For Sale adid = 17753

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | BRS, BRS-6-1050 SP | ?2,200

BRS softpack 6-1050 SP DAeC rescue system - check the spec on the BRS website. Rated for 475kgs and deployment at 276kph weighing 10.9kgs. Was fitted to a QuikR but not required when the QuikR was sold, absolutely as new complete with guarantees and detailed owner's manual.
New cost over ?3,000 only seven months old. Sell for ?2,200.
Currently with P & M at Marlborough.
Also modified skirt for QuikR available if needed.
Send Frederick Thomas a Secure Message. Contact Details 00352 621216957 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi I would like to offer ?1500 for the BRS & Skirt. thanks Adeyb1

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Spoke to you a few months ago,I am happy to buy your chute? 07960-316391 Do ot just reply to message as old email does not exist anymore Who wants the money ? You or Graham ? Ps.... The skirt is no where to be seen

A2 awaiting answer

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