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Robinson R44 Helicopter Group London No Investment adid = 18124

Aviation Photo number 19187
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Helicopters, Shares & Groups | Robinson, R44 | From ?172 to ?187 ph WET

New R44 Helicopter Group - Non-Commercial - Operated as a limited company but essentially non-profit - Group to share and reduce costs.

NW London Denham

Aircraft late Robinson R44 Clipper II with high specification.

Online booking system and fully managed/maintained/insured etc.

No specific limits on pilot hours etc. even potential for PPL(H) instruction but should not have adverse history.

Exact costs subject to ongoing fuel hikes etc. but likely to be around;

Zero Equity
Monthly Standing Charge ?250
Hourly Rate ?187 WET
Minimum 6m Commitment

So with commercial SFH rates "hovering" around ?400 - ?450 p.h. plus VAT if you only AVERAGE 1h p.m. over the year you don't lose anything compared to commercial renting.

If you fly an AVERAGE of 2-3h per month you are looking at saving around ?150 p.h. or about ?3K per year plus. This roughly represents a "buy two get one free" value if you fly an average 30h per year.

There is also an opportunity for a limited number of owners to invest a small amount of capital (?7.5K) and recoup that through even more reduced hourly rate.

Email for further details.
R44 (at) Helisharing (dot) co (dot) uk
Any questions - don't hesitate.

www (dot) Helisharing (dot) co (dot) uk

(Prices shown +VAT Specifications and Pictures for Illustration only).

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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi, I am an Airline pilot of many years so have forgotten everything useful. I only briefly flew a few hours in an R22 but these days find I have a weird interest in giving it another go in the R44. You say in your add that instruction is possible and if that's the case I would be interested in joining the group. Once qualified is there much scope for one to take the aircraft for several days at a time? I look forward to hearing from you. Sean

A1 awaiting answer

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