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Icom A3 Replacement Knob Sets adid = 18564

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Radio & Comms, For Sale | ICOM, A3

ICOM A3 Replacement knobs.

I often hear from fellow Microlight pilots that they have lost the knobs from their Icom A3 radios. This got me thinking and I have manufactured an improved set of replacement knobs.
The Squelch ring has been made substantially wider and in a contrasting colour(Red not Black as in Picture) to that of the On/Off/ Volume knob. This allows for easier operation, especially with gloves, and reduces the chances of turning the volume knob at the same time.
The On/Off/Volume knob has been manufactured 30% higher than the original and with an internal lip that clips onto the shaft. The increase in size makes for easier operation and the internal lip makes it more difficult to dislodge the knob.
The Frequency knob is also about 30% higher than the original and makes for ease of operation when wearing gloves.
The radio plugs are a constant source of problems with both the plug and socket being subjected to constant wear from the stress of cables blowing around and constant connecting and disconnecting, often leading to a cracked circuit board. To reduce this stress and stabilise the plugs more I manufacture a rubber overboot that slides over the two new plugs that are supplied.
Please see the attached photos of the different sets and prices.
I can post to Europe cost is about 12.

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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Would like to buy a set of knobs but no reply to email or phone. Perhaps you could contact me. Thanks. 01666 503330

A1 Phone is good, maybe overseas, try again

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