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Carrickmore Fly-in 28/29th May 2011 - Cancelled adid = 18608

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Fly-in, For Sale

I'm afraid the above event planned for 28/29th May is now Cancelled due to the strong winds that are forecast for this weekend.

C-More Flying Club

Carrickmore Fly-in is being rescheduled for Sat 28th & Sun 29th May - this is due to very bad weather on the original dates of 14-15th May(Accommodation available next to the airfield).

Carrickmore Flying Club is situated near Omagh in N. Ireland.

Airfield details are as follows:

2 NM S of Carrickmore, co-ordinates:

N 54:34.276 Freq: 129.825
W 007:02.654 Elev: 541ft

08/26 375 Hard

All circuits are performed to the north of the field so it's a left-hand circuit on RW 08 and a right-hand circuit on RW 26.

Landmarks which may be useful to you are a windfarm with 12 turbines to the SW and a second windfarm with 6 turbines which is situated just to the south of the strip in the deadside area. There is also quarry on short finals to RW 26 at around 500 feet.

C-More Flying Club

Tel: 07748 836773
Send Ian Thompson a Secure Message. Contact Details 07748 836773