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1/10th Share In Biggin Based C172 Reduced!! adid = 18643

Aviation Photo number 16844
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Fly-in, For Sale | reims cessna | 2950

1/10th Share available in this friendly well run group owned Cessna 172M based at Biggin Hill. Manufactured by Reims Aviation SA, the airframe has flown just over 5000 hrs. Engine is a 180 bhp LYCOMING O-360-A4A with SENSENICH 76EM8S14-0-60 prop. It is equipped with Bendix Comms, and Narco Comms, Glide Slope ILS, VOR, ADF, DME, Nav aids, Mode C Transponder, CHT & EGT combined, 2 Altimeters + standard Cessna instruments including DI, AI, ASI, Turn & Slip, and Engine monitoring instruments. Cream leather upholstery. Liferaft, 4 lifejackets, PLB, 2 headsets. Fresh C of A 29th April 2010. Charges ?65.00 wet per hour and this includes contribution to healthy engine fund. ?110 per month which covers maintenance, annual, parking, insurance etc.
Internet booking. Seller moved to Spain Bargain Price ?2950.00 o.n.o
Contact Freddie 020 8123 7181 (skypein) or 0034 610396895
Send Freddie Townsend a Secure Message. Contact Details 020 8123 7181
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