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Pulsar 582 Tailwheel adid = 18845

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Light Aircraft, For Sale

Pulsar tailwheel aircraft,
Rotax 582 engine,
Built 1994 by the present owner,
Cranfield award winner,
TTAF 280hrs TTE 35hrs,
Cruise 115mph @ 17L mogas,
Sold with one years permit,
Open to sensible offers. (thats sensible to me as well as you)
Send tony fenn a Secure Message. Contact Details Tony Fenn Tel 07885 709505 Ask a Question

There are 5 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 What amount of money are you looking for and could you tell where is the aircraft based. Thanks

A1 Aircraft based at Shobdon and I want about 17K.

Q2 Tony, I am going by the price pulsars sell with a 912 fitted. Therefore would ?10,000 be the right price/ you are thinking off?

A2 No, it is far too good an aircraft to sell for that amount of money.

Q3 Hi, I am based in South Africa. Would you consider selling to a buyer abroad?

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 Hi, Can you fly this on MicroLight NPPL? I currently fly a RANS S6 TailDragger Thanks.

A4 No,sorry, this aircraft can never be a microlight.

Q5 Hi Tony, Is this aircraft still for sale? (07/01/2012) Regards Simon

A5 awaiting answer