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Wheelspats-c42/ct/shadow/xair/and More. adid = 18866

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

Wheelspats to fit -
Also see Website

X-Air ?100 Main Per Pair / Front ?30
C42 ?140 main Per pair / Front ?100
CT ?200 main Per pair
RansS6 ?120 main per pair / Front ?70
Shadow ?100 Main Per pair / Front ?30
Shadow extended Dashboards
Motorfloater ?70 Per PAIR
Thruster ?100 Per Pair
XL ?80 Per Pair
And others availiable
Fexwing Radio Mounts ?30
Landing light housings ?20
please contact Mike for further details.

Send mick forman a Secure Message. Contact Details 07941850996 Ask a Question

There are 9 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 do u have rear spats for xair?


Q2 Hi, I am looking for spats for a MiniMax, what size wheels are the spats set up for, they may be able to be adapted for my project. Cheers Bill Goldsmith

A2 Hi Bill we have a minimax at our strip owned by Lee Baily , I spoke to Lee and he thinks that the c42 spat would be ideal , much lighter stylish and with a really good finish not requiring paint . Give me a call if you are interested. Mike 07941850996

Q3 How much for a full set for an X'Air and what colours are available please? Also how long for a custom order if necessary? Thanks..

A3 Hi a full set of of spats will cost you ?120 and ?10 for postage many thaks for your enquiry Mike foreman

Q4 Hi mike, What is the cost of a pair of Shadow spats please and what is the weight. Steve

A4 Shadow wheel spats are ?50 each which includes brackets Cheers Mike

Q5 Hi, do the spats on the xair come with the brackets? Cheers Steve Vallance

A5 Hi the spats do not come with brackets ,they are easy to make or you can purchase them from xair island and they will still only cost a third of the price of originals.

Q6 What radio mount do you make for a flexwing (Gemini flash 2 alpha, feel free to email pictures with description, many thanks.

A6 hi you can see the mounts in the picture provided, the mounts are identical to the mount found in the Quantam Flexwing

Q7 do you do tyres?

A7 awaiting answer

Q8 Hi, Could you let me know how much a full set of wheel spats for a Eurostar EV-97 would be? Thanks

A8 awaiting answer

Q9 Hi Mike. Just looking for a handheld radio mount for a Pegasus XL with pull start. Have sent an iMessage to your iPhone. Just wondering... do you make these parts or just resell them? Just wondering if they could be customised; ie large fins on rear wheel spats to help with crosswind performance. Thankyou

A9 awaiting answer

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