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Zenair Uk Kit Aircraft,great Value From ?14,610 adid = 19072

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | zenair

Zenair aircraft are available in the uk via JMS Aero (zenair uk )
JMS Aero 01487 812308
All new aircraft are the CH750 and CH650 now cleared by the LAA for build .
existing aircraft kits :- ch601hd and 601hds ,and of course the ch701 are all still available for uk build . I sometimes have s/h aircraft for sale on my site so keep checking.
interested ? many are ! give me a call. there is an understandable ten week lead time at the moment on these high demand quality new kits.
why not join the hundreds of very satisfied zenair builders all over the world .check out the builder pages on the web site
Send Gary Johnson a Secure Message.