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Microlight Flexwing Lessons adid = 19366

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Weightshift Microlights, Clubs & training

Microlight flight Lessons
Sheffield aero club
Netherthorpe Airfield
Thorpe Salvin

Duel training ?89.00
Solo hours ?60.00 school aircraft
School aircraft Quick 912

Training student aircraft only ?40,00 per hour duel or solo (sorry no hangerage aircraft will have to be trailored to airfield and rigged and de rigged end of day also must have radio fitted and permitted to aircraft no need for student to have RT licence while on training.)

Courses starting mid June 2015 mid week only.

Budget around ?2500 with all exams and GST on min hours( on school machine.)

First class training center one of the best around
Come and look for yourself.

Give me a call or arrange a visit for chat and a cuppa or two.

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David Buck

01909 259059
Send david buck a Secure Message. Contact Details 01909259059

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